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Training Theory: Cold Blood vs Hot Blood Horses

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What is the distinction between a Cold Blood Horse and a Hot Blood horse?

In my experience, equines can be freely divided into 3 groups according to their personalities.

Usually speaking, the Coldblood Horses are the draft breeds. This includes such widely known breeds as the Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale (best), Icelandic, and also Shires. They were created for slow and steady agricultural work and also selected for their extremely tranquil personalities. They are quiet, slow-moving, heavy-boned, heavy-bodied– typically “loaded” in the front end. They are mild giants with feathery feet and also treading good manners.

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Hotblood horses consist of Arabs and also Thoroughbreds, that are extra anxious, energized, and have a faster response time. The heritage of the Arab horse is that of a “guard dog” as well as war install. They were bred to be ever-vigilant to threat on the open desert. That often makes them extremely reactive to unknown conditions. As battle places, they were fast as well as had fantastic endurance. They lived carefully with human beings and developed remarkable intelligence as a result of the close organization. Their body carriage is generally lighter on its feet with a watchful behavior.


Warmbloods are a cross between the two types of characters. They were created for a gentle character however with a bit a lot more power and also more athleticism for usage as carriage horses or for riding. Instances of warmblood steeds are the Dutch Warmblood, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, and also Trakhener equines. They are specifically prominent as dressage, driving, and also eventing equines. Not all coldblood/hotblood crosses will create a true warmblood. The breeds mentioned have been reproduced true for hundreds of years.

That leaves my favored type: The Friesian. He has feathered feet, a Friesian is neither a coldblood nor a hotblood. It is classified as a Baroque breed. Its temperament is extra like a warmblood or cold blood, but definitely not a “draft” type in the feeling that it was mostly established to pull a rake. They were originally developed as carriage horses that could additionally work the field if necessary.

They are becoming a lot more preferred in the dressage ring, as they can be really “flashy” as well as sports in construct with a fantastic warmblood temperament. The Kristull Ranch focuses on Friesian Crosses, breeding full-blooded Friesian stallions to stunning mares of different breeds to get the supreme sporting activity steed.

While we are growing older currently as well as reproduce really a couple of foals, each is a special gift. As well as the temperament of these equines fits my “older” body when it pertains to training.

What is the importance of classification for training?

Coldblood steeds are slow-moving as well as deliberate. Throughout the training procedure, they take a little bit of even more time to calculate. They relocate extra hesitantly. Their training process is a little slower, yet they are less likely to run over you or jump on top of you as swiftly as a hotblood horse will. While their feet can be as big as plates, and they are a lot more clumsy, their reaction time is slower so you can likewise compute even more quickly. They are the salt of the earth. They make a superb first-training experience if you can manage a steed of their dimension.

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The more your equine resembles a hotblood breed, a lot more knowledgeable you need to be as a fitness instructor as well as a biker. Your timing is always vital, yet with a hotblood pet, timing is EVERYTHING ALL OF THE MOMENT! Your signals need to be clear. Your very own response time needs to be sharp. You MUST take a management duty in the partnership to offer self-confidence to the equine. However, you are rewarded with an equine whose body responds swiftly to your signals as well as that catches on almost instantaneously.

It is a double-edged sword. You can obtain an equine who carries out beautifully, is sharp, crisp, and alert. Or you can obtain an equine who is a fruitcake due to your jumbled signals as well as poor timing. However, lots of, many young people who purchase their first equine are drawn to the charm of the Arab and make the blunder of trying to educate an Arab as their first experience. I never ever recommend an Arab or pureblooded as a first-training experience. It’s far more challenging as well as harmful for a brand-new fitness instructor.

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That leaves the Warmblood. He is a lot more sports than his cold blood heritage. His feet are not “grown into the ground” like his cold blood ancestors. While he may be as high as cold blood, his feet are smaller sized, his body slimmer, and also his movement more elegant. He is an excellent mix of strength, grace, and also knowledge. He is the ultimate receptive equine partner: not too responsive, and also not as well plodding. Sports however not wayward. Strong but not stuck to the ground. He is clever sufficient to take your direction and also laid back enough to give you the possibility to make a mistake. He forgives an error occasionally, so I extremely advise a warmblood or Friesian cross (the right Friesian cross) as the utmost sporting activity steed.

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